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En smart fransman / A clever Frenchman


Några utdrag ur en intressant intervju med psykiatikern och marknadsundersökaren Clotaire Rapaille, från amerikanska PBS:

A few excerpts from an interesting interview with psychiatrist and market researcher Clotaire Rapaille, from PBS:

"One of my discoveries was that in order to create the first imprint of a word -- when you learn a word, whatever it is, 'coffee', 'love', 'mother', there is always a first time. There's a first time to learn everything. The first time you understand, you imprint the meaning of this word; you create a mental connection that you're going to keep using the rest of your life. And to create this mental connection, you need some emotions. Without emotion, there is no production of neurotransmitters in the brain, and you don't create the connection. So actually every word has a mental highway. I call that a code, an unconscious code in the brain."

"Now, my experience is that most of the time, people have no idea why they're doing what they're doing. They have no idea, so they're going to try to make up something that makes sense. Why do you need a Hummer to go shopping? 'Well, you see, because in case there is a snowstorm.' No. Why [do] you buy four wheel drive? 'Well, you know, in case I need to go off-road.' Well, you live in Manhattan; why do you need four wheel drive in Manhattan? 'Well, you know, sometime[s] I go out, and I go -- ' You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that this is disconnected. This is nothing to do with what the real reason is for people to do what they do."

"It's absolutely crucial for anybody in communication -- and that could be journalists, TV, media, all of it, or marketing people -- if you want to appeal to people, it's absolutely crucial to understand what I call the reptilian hot button. If you don't have a reptilian hot button, then you have to deal with the cortex; you have to work on price issues and stuff like that."

"In the kind of communication I'm developing and using, with 50 of the Fortune 100 companies who are my clients, almost full time, it is not enough to give a cortex message. 'Buy my product because it's 10 percent cheaper': That's cortex. Well, if the other is 15 percent cheaper, I move to the others. You don't buy loyalty with percentages. That is key. It's not a question of numbers; it's the first reptilian reaction."


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