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Åkestam Holst m fl
Kungsgatan 5
Box 7103
103 87 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8 14 11 11
Fax: +46 8 21 68 10
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Åkestam Holst, the quick version

Below you will find some examples of our work.

The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society ”Singing Sailor”

IKEA, ”Wedding Online”

Swedavia ”Charity Arcade”

Audi ”The Swedish Snow Rescuers”

ATG, ”Vinnie”

Apotek Hjärtat, ”Blowing in The Wind”

Pause Ljud & Bild, ”Pause Speakers Cards”

Pressbyrån, ”The Gay Bureau”

Swedavia, ”The Local’s Guide”

IKEA, ”Nightwalkers”

Swebus, ”The Train Switch”

Pause Ljud & Bild, ”CataCombo Sound System”

Pressbyrån, ”The Hot Stamp”

Posten, ”The Parcel Memory”

IKEA, ”Say it With A Bed”

Pause Ljud & Bild, ”Stockholm House Equalizer”

Folksam, ”Parachuting Cats”

Pepsi, "The Sound of Football"

Pause Ljud & Bild, "The Heist"

Posten, "Sweden's Safest Hands"

Audi, "Audi quattro loves snow"

ATG, "The Rush"

Swebus, "Swebus Jackpot"

Posten, "Voice Letter"

Pause Ljud & Bild, "Santa Pause"

Carlsberg/Festis, "Unbore Grandpa Banner"

Carlsberg, "Unbottle Yourself"

Posten, "Living Christmas Cards"

Pause Ljud & Bild, "The Human Jukebox"

Posten, "The Sound of Green"

Carlsberg, "Xide Mood"

Felix, "I Eat Ketchup With Everything Except Pancakes"

Posten, "Happiness by The Metre"

Playground, "Play For Sale"

Stockholm Pride Festival, ”How Hetero?”

Playground, "The Big Mosquito Party"

Rädda Barnen, "Picture Protect"

Pressbyrån, "Name Change"

Posten, "Forever Young"

Stockholm Pride "How Hetero"

Posten, "Stefan the Swopper"

Playground, "Sleepless at Playground"

Puma Football, "Vspeed Boots"

Playground, "Hatch an Egg"

Norrlands Guld, "The Beer Lable Jeans"


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I'm a graphic design student and just happened to come across this page... I just wanted to say that I think you guys are awesome! Can't wait for more work to be posted!
Greeting from Belgium,

Dear Fabriken
I’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas.
Please click on the link to see my e-card and don't forget to turn your speakers on!

I set up ‘milkhouse.co.uk’ August 2004, after previously working six year as senior animator at Profero a leading agency in London. My recent clients have included:
Agency: Proximity London for, ‘The Royal Mail’
Agency: Play / M&C Saatchi, for ‘Transport for London’
Agency: Bright blue day for ‘Cancer Research’
I would be very grateful of your consideration of my online portfolio at www.milkhouse.co.uk and any feedback would be very much appreciated.
Best Wishes and happy holidays


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