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Hur värderar man berömmelse?


Vad jag vet finns inte så många personer som kan sätta huvudet så på spiken när det gäller reklam som Jeremy Bullmore. Andra tycker likadant. "Jeremy Bullmore remains the one person in British advertising from whom the brilliance to bullshit ration is 100:0", säger t ex Nigel Bogle, ordförande i Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

Därför är det värt att läsa honom ibland. Här är ett exempel på det: "Posh Spice & Persil" som har några år på nacken men är en tidlös betraktelse över komplexiteten i det vi håller på med. Och en handbok för alla som arbetar med marknadsföring.

Några munsbitar:

"I believe it to be an increasing human instinct – and an entirely understandable if highly dangerous one – to over¬value that which we can measure and to undervalue that which we can’t. There is a comfort to be found in figures: they give us a sense of certainty, however false, in an otherwise chaotic world."

"It is one of the peculiarities of fame – whether for people or products – that real fame appears to be spectacularly untargeted. By that I mean, that the most famous people in the world are known to an infinitely greater number of people than their particular talent or profession would seem either to demand or to deserve. Victoria Beckham is one such example. So is Madonna. Real fame implies being known to millions of people who have never bought your records and never will. Stephen Hawking is known to millions of people who will never understand a word he writes; and to 10 times as many who will never even try to. To the consternation of media planners and buyers in advertising agencies, the same is true for brands. A brand, if it is to enjoy genuine celebrity, must be known to a circle of people that far exceeds what we in the business so chillingly call its target group."

"Tiresome though it may be to accept, the same is true for brands. The most valuable part of a brand... the added value bit... the bit that protects respectable margins and fills up the reservoir of future cash flow... the bit that distinguishes a brand from a mere product... doesn’t belong to it. It belongs to its public. [...] No wonder CEOs prefer to spend their time counting things."

Rekommenderas varmt.


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