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Sleepless at Playground

Next Tuesday we will release our new campaign for Playground Outdoor Equipment Stores. It is a hiking campaign and a competition between four sales men who will try to stay awake for as long as possible. Why? Because the best way to stay awake is to walk.

The campaign makes use of the current health trend through pinpointing one of the many positive health related effects that walking and outdoor life brings about, namely that it makes you stay alert.

Every customer is also in the competition. Simply buy your equipment from the person you think will win. If he or she does win you get a full money refund.

The campaign has already started to spread in media...



Get to know all the competitors at playgroundstores.com.

The competition starts next Tuesday 10.00 AM at Playground, Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata 15 in Stockholm. Visit the store and buy equipment for a chance to get 100% refund. Or visit the site to follow the competitors in real-time.


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